​5 Styles Men Have Mastered in 2016

​5 Styles Men Have Mastered in 2016
Monday, August 22, 2016

Men’s fashion in 2016 has become nearly impossible to keep track of. It seems like every day, there’s a new man-bun or celebrity ensemble being touted as the “next hot look” for men everywhere.

But the fact of the matter is that not all men’s fashions are created equally, and as such not every style is right for every man.

The Traveler


The Traveler is a man of the world. He spends his weekends on road trip getaways, and his long weekends on the other side of the ocean. Travelers seek to take the photographs, not be in them, and their low-key, moderate fashion sense helps them do just that. These fashion-forward men keep earth tones in their closet in abundance, and prefer wearable items that are appropriately form-fitting without giving too much away by hugging the skin.

Cameras and smart phones are frequent accessories for The Traveler. He’s tech-savvy, but in a way that compliments his love for the real world. Similarly, Travelers will often wear their hair in a free-flowing fashion, but not too long so as to keep it out of their eyes.

The Organic


The Organic is a man who has a natural style and grace about him, and therefore doesn’t need too much accessorizing to be the center of attention. He might rock dreadlocks, a full beard, and a tank top, but none of these things are used haphazardly. The tank top he wears is made of 100 percent organic hemp and fits perfectly to show off sun-kissed shoulders. His beard is perfectly trimmed, and his dreadlocks are clean.

The Organic is not a look worn well by everybody. Future Aquaman and Game of Thrones’ own Jason Momoa is a perfect example of how to do The Organic the right way.

The Tough Guy


Everybody knows a Tough Guy. He cracks jokes in the face of devastating news, keeps his hair buzzed, and seems to be permanently fixed with a five o’clock shadow. The Tough Guy isn’t embodied by physical stature or apparent “hardness,” but rather by a devil-may-care attitude complimented by deceptively intentional fashion sense.

Tough Guys are comfortable in leather, thrift store denim, and the occasional color-coordinated tracksuit. And, unlike the rest of us, Tough Guys make these outfits work.

The Teenager

Teenagers these days can come in all ages and sizes. But, just because a man is embracing The Teenager look full-on, it doesn’t mean he’s trapped in a state of permanent adolescence. The Teenager is a man whose style is taken straight from Dazed and Confused. His long hair will be pulled back, aviator sunglasses shining in the sun beneath a faded bandana, and his body will be all but hidden behind a large, acoustic guitar.

These men may seem like they’re falling behind the latest fashion trends, but don’t be surprised when some facet of their look becomes commonplace on runways everywhere. Don’t forget what happened with grunge music and flannel.

The Ambassador


The Ambassador represents the best in men’s fashion and culture. He is put together well, with a nice suit and tie or, for more casual days, a collared shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows. This man doesn’t need to wear clothes that stand out, because he stands out while in them. Ambassadors are men who take the best fashion elements from the past and marry them to the trends of today. He is well stocked with cuff links, but is also unafraid to break out a fashion-forward haircut now and then.

You don’t have to be a professional to be an Ambassador -- you just need the right haircut and a desire to up the game of men everywhere.

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