Athletic Looks Through the Years in the Bay Area and Beyond

Athletic Looks Through the Years in the Bay Area and Beyond
Monday, June 20, 2016

As the Golden State Warriors’ recently rallied to an NBA playoff appearance, it got us thinking about athletes and the looks they rock off and on the field. Sports styles in America have changed dramatically over the years, with Bay Area athletes often being in the forefront of the public arena as pivotal players in the game of their choice.

Because our sports icons are often some of the people we look up to most, we thought it might be fun to analyze a few of the looks that famous athletes have worn over the years. Because Crewners is located here in beautiful San Jose, California, we put a little extra emphasis on some athletes who have represented the Bay Area:

  • Joe Montana: From Long and Lush to Neatly Trimmed

Montana might have one of the most recognizable faces from football history, and is easily one of the longest-loved and most well-known figures from Bay Area sports lore. Known for throwing “The Catch” to Dwight Clark to win the NFC Championship in 1982, Montana helped mark the beginning of a 49ers dynasty and ultimately leading to four Super Bowl victories in the 1980’s.

For a time, Joe Montana was recognizable as the QB with long, flowing hair underneath his helmet. Back then, it was uncommon for football players to have a hairstyle other than the classically short-trimmed look. “Joe Cool’s Golden Locks” garnered him plenty of attention, but not so much as his legendary arm and field composure. Eventually, the wisdom of age would set in, and Montana would switch to a more conservative, and frankly well-kept, hair style.


  • Muhammad Ali: The Greatest (Hair) of All Time

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch to call Ali’s look the greatest of all time, but we felt we had to pay tribute to “The Greatest” in light of the boxing legend’s recent passing.

Ali was undoubtedly one of the most stylish and electrifying people to ever compete in professional sports. His look was simple, sophisticated, and pretty iconic for the time he came from, but it subtly disguised the lightning that was constantly threatening to burst from inside of Ali’s larger-than-life personality. His trash-talking of opponents and highly articulate interviews over the years secured his reputation as a dynamic performer, as well as one of the top athletes in the world, and there is no one who can question Ali’s panache.


  • Stephen Curry: Contemporary Cut has Classic Roots

“Steph” Curry is one of the biggest athletes in professional sports right now. Having helped take the Golden State Warriors to the NBA playoffs and a unanimously-voted MVP award, the all-star Warrior has become a household name as he puts up triple-digit numbers representing the Bay Area in the NBA and the United States in the Olympics.

Curry’s look is one that matches the modern casual aesthetic with the classic tradition of a neatlymaintained fade. It seems more and more common for athletes across all playing fields to wear their hair in an unkempt style, so we find it refreshing that one of the Golden State’s own athletic role models tends to gravitate toward a traditional cut that never seems to go out of style.

Of course, that beard could use a little straight-razor treatment, though. Obviously, athletes have worn a lot more looks than these over the years, but we think it’s interesting that, even with athletes representing over 50 years in sports history, it seems like the classic look is the one preferred by the top players in the games. Whether you want or wanted to be Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, or Steph Curry when you grew up, chances are the athletes you admire will know to keep the hair out of their face.

At Crewners, not only can we give you any look you’re looking for, old and new, but we offer a deluxe experience in our luxury location that can make you feel like you’re traveling back in time. Whether you want your long locks trimmed, your curls consolidated, or your beard groomed, we’ve got the professionals to do it. And, we’re just minutes away from the San Jose Sharks and the San Francisco 49er's, so you can even schedule a cut before the big game. Book online to schedule your 30 minutes whenever works for you.

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