Best Baxter Items For A Good Life

Best Baxter Items For A Good Life
Thursday, November 09, 2017

Life demands a lot of us, and in those demands we have to be ready to adapt. Essentially, though, we all know that what matters ultimately boils down to three priorities: Life, Body, and Hair.

Well, maybe life is about a little more than these. But, you can definitely take care of some of your needs with this guide:


Living life is about enjoying it, and we enjoy life through our senses. We eat, we play, we listen to music, and we hold each other. But, one sense that can get under-emphasized is the sense of smell. Olfactory impulses are powerful ones that evoke incredibly strong memories, so the nose should not be ignored when considering gifts or simply mood-setting accessories for the household.

Baxter’s candles can help set that romantic environment you’re looking for, or they can ready a room for relaxation in between the work hours.


You’ve got to take care of the body that you live in, and doing so is often about more than simply diet and exercise. They say not to focus too much on the surface, but you don’t really hear people say to ignore the surface aspects altogether, do you?

Of course not, because you live inside of your skin. You have to look at your own hair in the mirror every day, you’ve got to go through your schedule comfortable inside your clothes, and you’ve got to know that the people you encounter don’t come away with a bad impression. We’re talking about more than hygiene here, people. We’re talking about being clean, cool, and customizing your look.

Baxter’s 123 Body Kit gives you a chance to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize, so that you can feel good about living inside yourself.


Look, it’s no secret that, at Crewners, we care about hair. And, we care about the versatility that you have to work with when you style yours.

To put it simply, when it comes to having versatility, along with strength, to help hold your hair in place without any of that uncomfortable, hair-collage feeling in your head, it doesn’t get any better than Baxter’s Clay Pomade.

This pomade takes a firm hold of your hair, then bends to your will, becoming whatever you want it to with a light push and a shove. A matte finish gives you a sleek, smooth professional look, and the natural product won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

All of these, and much more, are available in-store at our new San Jose location, at 111 N. Market St (entrance on San Pedro across from Silvery Towers).

When it comes to Baxter of California, we are the only barber shop in Downtown San Jose that carries theirpremium products. With our precision cuts and traditional shaves, Crewners and Baxter of California are a match made in style heaven.

So stop by, grab a beer or a water, and relax for a cut or shave before getting Baxter products at a discount for checking in on Facebook while in the shop. Book an appointment to take advantage of these specials and experience the classic environment and upscale service offered by Crewners’ licensed, professional barbers!


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