Fashion-Forward or a Storied Style: How and When to do Either

Fashion-Forward or a Storied Style: How and When to do Either
Monday, February 06, 2017

Let’s take a head-to-toe look at the body of a man’s style canvas, and decide when and where to embrace a little time travel in your wardrobe:


There is so much going on from your crown to your chin that in order to really analyze style choice in the facial area, we’ve got to break it down into three categories:

Hair: Obviously, at Crewners, we care about your hair. Whether you’re talking about the look up top or the beard/moustache combo you’re known for, hair is an essential part of any man’s look. Style trends rapidly change, but the biggest piece of advice around hair is that whether your drawing inspiration from the past or trying to predict the fads of the future, keep your hair neat, groomed, and clean. Everybody has a look of their own, but nobody likes a mess.

Style: If you like nostalgia in your accessories, look to the shades. Classic aviator-style sunglasses never go out of style, and flashy, modern sunglasses can become a tired flash-in-the-pan as quickly as they blow up in popularity. Fedoras may seem like a great, reminiscent style choice, but in the wrong setting and atmosphere, it’s easy for a fedora to make it seem like you’re trying too hard.

Attitude: One of the most significant things about your head is the fact that this is where your face lives. A lot of what makes us who we are is conveyed through our expressions and appearance, so remember to keep your eyes open, your ears perked, and a smile ready to make the most impact on those you encounter. Smiling is a timeless way to convey a positive mental attitude to someone, and the best style advice really is timeless.


Okay, here’s the thing about the male torso: In the world of fashion and style, the torso is where the canvas bears the most versatility. There are countless options available to men when it comes to accessorizing the midsection, including jackets, watches, other jewelry, and so much more when it comes to layering.

The key is to not overdo it on either end; the past or the present. A vintage blazer can give you the esteemed appearance you might be looking for, but pair it with an old-timey stopwatch, and you may be looked at as trying too hard. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and some people just pull off their own thing.

On the reverse end, don’t try diving too far into the future if you’re looking to be a style trendsetter from the waist up. If you have any doubt about what to wear, just keep it simple: Form-fitting, unprovocative attire generally falls into that middle ground between shabby and spectacular for men.

Lower Body

Pants really haven’t changed all that much for men over the years, with the basic evolution coming down to a matter of fit. The popular approach has at times been baggy, and other times exceptionally skinny, but the general consensus today seems to be that you can never go wrong with jeans or slacks that fit your body type. Tall guys want to avoid pants that are too skinny, and men with a slightly lower stature should avoid the “newsy” look of baggy trousers, especially if they’re going to be held up by suspenders. Suspenders are one “blast from the past” that just doesn’t work on everybody.

As far as the shoes go, the important thing is to do your research. Men’s shoes have become a huge industry and cultural item in recent decades, with the modern sneaker industry generating some highly coveted products for adult men. So, whether you want to rock footwear with the prestige of the past or you want to break boundaries with your forward-thinking foot, spend a good amount of time looking into what’s hot and what’s not if you don’t want to have your dollar wasted.

Which brings us back full circle to the subject of hair. No, wigs for your shoes have not become a thing… yet.

Instead, we come back to the subject of hair because hair is a little bit like time. It’s always changing, shifting, and evolving in an unpredictable direction, but as long as we do our best to monitor it, maintain it, and keep it organized, everything will be alright. Time may eventually change all things cultural and stylistic, but so long as we remain open and aware of those changes, we can roll with it.

At Crewners, we specialize in helping you roll with the times. Book an appointment online any time that works fora regular cut or maybe a luxury shaving experience. As the times change, we stay updated on the hot looks and new techniques of the barbering industry so that we can bring them to you.

And as the times change, so do we! We recently recruited the help of Camino Brewing to make our space more accommodating with complimentary beer for our the clients, and soon enough we’ll have a brand new location to help us serve more people from the good state of California, and beyond!

So book your appointment and stop by to keep up with the times, and us!

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