Four Styles for the Fellas During the Holidays

Four Styles for the Fellas During the Holidays
Monday, December 05, 2016

December is a month that calls for creativity, humility, and a little bit of fun when it comes to men's fashion. It's a social time, with themed party notifications going off every few seconds, but it's also a time for families to gather.

No matter what functions you find yourself at in the coming weeks, make sure you look right for each occasion with these four holiday-inspired looks:


The Average Dad

The starter pack for the "Average Dad" look on Christmas comes with an ugly Christmas sweater, a poorlyfitting hat, and a properly unbuckled belt to allow for maximum intake of the Christmas Ham or whatever victuals are being prepared. Then again, sometimes dads go even harder... gravy-covered sweatpants are an epidemic during this time of year.

Putting aside the jokes, this is actually a good look for more than just the fathers out there. Office holiday parties, family get-togethers, and other laid-back functions are a great time to closet your suits and ties in exchange for some casual, comfy, and fun attire.

But remember: It's the Average Dad, not the Schlubby Dad! Maybe you're holding onto your Movember moustache or your #noshavenovember beard, and that's fine, but don't bring those scraggly hairs to the dinner table. Your sweater is allowed to be ugly... your beard and haircut are not.

The Saint Nick

You might recognize this look better if we refer to it by the morecolloquial name: The Santa Clause.

Nope, we're not talking about the movie with Tim Allen. We're talking about the look that every faithful father utilizes when he wants to surprise his kids with a little Christmas Miracle.

While the style might be out-of-place during the other 11 months of the year, you can rock this outfit pretty much any time before December 25,and your enthusiasm will be appreciated by the masses. For most kids, there's nothing like seeing Santa show up for the holiday, but the fun of having Saint Nick in attendance on Christmas Eve isn't just for the young ones.

Once you've got your hair and beard shaped up, molding you into the modern image of Mr. Kringle, don an upscale smoking jacket, paired with the gift of something silky smooth for your significant other, to make sure you're greeted as "Santa Baby."


The It’s a Wonderful Life

One of the things we love to do here at Crewners, is to take a look at the vintage styles of the past, and figure out how to utilize them to influence our styles for today. To narrow down a classy, confident look that will help you dress to impress, we look to one of the most iconic Christmas films of all time.

The 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life is a little bit like the reverse version of Ebenezer Scrooge's story. Suicidal on Christmas Eve, George Bailey's life, and the acts he performed throughout it which impacted others, are re-lived and revisited in order to remind the protagonist of his positive impact.

A heartwarming story, the film is rich with the vintage styles that have secured the 1940s as one of the most iconic time periods in American culture. Though they don't make clothes exactly like they used to, we are definitely seeing a resurgence of the decade's signature styles of hair and clothing.

As such, a look inspired by this movie is great for impressing the in-laws, making a statement at the office party, or just feeling fine about yourself during the holiday.


The Sticky Fingers

While the most iconic thing from MacaulayCulkin'sHome Alone franchise is probably the instantly recognizableimage of the child star's hands to his cheeks in shock, few who remember the 90's classic will forget the legendary "Sticky Fingers Bandits" who were tormented by the film's protagonists.

Wearing black beanies and matching "bandit" coats, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern were the prototypical, blundering bad guys. But, the humble, retro-inspired garments they wore can be seen in modern incarnations in men's clothing stores around the country.

Avoid the Five O'clock shadows that Pesci and Stern used to look more nefarious. Trimming your stubble can go a long way for your look.


Whether you dress to impress, entertain, or conjure nostalgia, your grooming will always say a lot about you. If you want to instantly be able to dump your holiday attire in exchange for something sleeker, perhaps for the New Year's Eve celebrations, keep your beard sharp and your haircut shaped up.

Contact Crewners to book a holiday appointment, or to line up an opportunity at a fresh new look for a new year!




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