Give the Gift of Crewners

Give the Gift of Crewners
Wednesday, December 06, 2017

It starts innocently enough, with a display at the grocery store. After that, it’s the saccharine commercials. Then the music starts permeating the radio. Before you know it, it’s upon you with the full weight of corporate America behind it: Christmas.

Where once as a child you spent all year looking forward to the bacchanalian bounty of presents, you realize now that it was only made possible by harried adults. And now here you are, a harried adult expected to keep it going.

A big reason for the anxiety is gift-giving; feeling like you need to pick out the perfect gift for each person on your list. And while kids can make it pretty clear what they want, sometimes the hardest person to shop for is the man in your life. Or, if you’re a man reading this, it might be a good idea to drop some hints to your partner or friends that you want the gift of Crewners.

It’s hard to figure out what to get for the man who seems like he has everything– the easy answers of ties and shirts are a cliché and don’t inspire much feeling one way or another. But Crewners has another option: what if you could give the gift of time?

We’re not talking about the premise of the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time”, where time is a literal entity that can be exchanged among people (if you didn’t see it, and you probably didn’t – don’t ask). No, we’re talking about giving time in a different manner – time at Crewners.

Time at Crewners is time away from TPS Reports. Time away from traffic. Time away from the never-ending buzzing of the cellphone that was supposed to make life easier, but instead tethers you to the office 24/7.

When you give the gift of Crewners, you’re giving someone a chance to leave that all behind, and our new location at 111 N. Market Street makes the experience even better. We moved into a spacious new location, with five chairs and less bustle outside the premises.

The new chairs feel like sinking into a pillow, and our Crewners-certified barbers take it from there. After a consultation, they give the recipient a precision haircut that will leave them looking and feeling great. Our barbers are trained in everything from classic looks to modern styles, and help find the best option, complete with neck shave and product to keep it in place.

As part of the Crewners experience, you can add a traditional shave to their gift package. With a hot towel, hot lather and of course the shave, he’ll look and feel like a new man afterwards.

To top off the experience, Crewners is the only barber shop in downtown San Jose licensed to carry exclusive Baxter of Ca lifornia products. Baxter of California is a premium brand of grooming items that includes hair, body care, skin care, shaving and lifestyle products. Baxter of California’s products are renowned throughout the industry, and you won’t find them anywhere else in downtown San Jose. When you give Baxter of California products, he’ll be able to leave the house every day feeling like he just walked out of Crewners.

When it comes the perfect gift for the man in your life, don’t stroll the mall or scroll Amazon. Come by and talk to us about how we can make Christmas perfect with Crewners gift certificates and Baxter of California products. We’re located at 111 N. Market St., Suite 140, with the entrance on San Pedro Street, across from Silvery Towers.


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