Happy New Year from Crewners!

Happy New Year from Crewners!
Monday, December 19, 2016

2016’s end is well in sight at this point, and as such, many people in California and beyond are examining the last year and thinking about the opportunity in front of them. Well, over here at Crewners, we’re doing the same. The only difference is that, instead of asking what we can do differently for ourselves, we’re wondering how we will adapt and better serve those who come to us for help feeling refreshed and new, without sacrificing what came before.

That’s the ultimate question we’re faced with at the end of December, isn’t it? What will go, and what will stay? Sometimes you’ve got to make room for the new by clearing out the old, and sometimes you’ve got to recognize what already works, then build from there.

For example, should you allow remnants of November’s beard to hold out into the new year, or is it better to be baby-faced as you tackle those resolutions? Who really knows what the hot styles and cool trends will be over the next 12 months? It’s an exciting time and a season of hope as the future is unknown, and one phase is securely locked down behind us.

We like to think of our shop as a place out-of-time. While we honor and pay homage to the vintage styles of the past, we also work with individuals to prepare them for the future by helping them shed an old skin and take on a new appearance. We also hope that when our guests and clients come into the space, they feel a little more at-ease with the world outside.

The barber shop is a place for camaraderie and relaxation. It’s neutral territory… a space for men to go when they need to revitalize themselves by taking a few moments to themselves. We take a lot of pride in creating just such a space for the people of San Jose, and soon, Cupertino.

We always want to be able to enhance the experience our clients have when they come in for a cut or shave, so we are very excited to be bringing cold beer to a haircut near you. Camino Brewing Company has some delicious local drafts, and we’ll be serving them up at our original location so that you can relax in our luxurious, vintage-style barber chairs with a cold one gripped tight in your hand.

Not only will we put something to sip on in your hand when you walk in, we’ll send you away with something that has a little daily value! We’ve got new Baxter of California products available in-store, including the Travel Kit, which contains the Daily Face Wash, After Shave Balm, Protein Shampoo and more, and the Paste Pomade, which can give you a pliable but semi-firm medium hold on your hair.

New products and refreshments in our established location are just the start of our goals for 2017, too. We’re going to be opening a new location at Main Street Cupertino so that we can bring double the service to the Silicon Valley area. The same service that has earned us a spot as one of the top-reviewed barber shops in all of California!

What are you going to be doing differently in 2017? How will the new you improve upon the old one? It’s time to seize that promotion you’ve always wanted, write the next great American novel, or do whatever your heart feels inspired to accomplish now that you’ve got a whole new year to do so.

But, how about starting with a fresh take on your look? At Crewners, we can help you make the bold new statement that you’ve been envisioning, or we can just perfect an old favorite for you when it comes to your beard or hairstyle. Whatever it’s going to take for you to feel that your brain is framed with the mane it deserves, we’d like to do it for you!

So schedule an appointment today by visiting us online, and we’ll get you shaped up in no time!

Happy New Year!

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