Iconic Men from Now and Then: The Artists

Iconic Men from Now and Then: The Artists
Monday, January 02, 2017

Visual artists create that which we use to analyze, interpret, and express our perception of the world we live in. So, it’s no wonder that, when we are enchanted by an artists’ work, we become curious about the individual behind the art.

Many painters and other visual artists have maintained a slight (or significant) air of secrecy about their identities and private lives. Others have become celebrities and subjects of extensive study, using their art to vocalize something they deem necessary for observation and analysis in a public forum.

Where does the artist end, and the art begin? When an artist becomes an icon, is it because of the person, or is it due to the nature of that which they create? Here, we look at three artists from the past and present who represent the full range of how artists can become staples of everyday awareness:

  • Andy Warhol

Warhol’s signature look is nearly as identifiable as his unmistakable works of pop art.


Recognizable by his white, feathery hair, thick glasses and gaunt face, Warhol is in many ways the picture of what an artist represents for some. This is meant both in terms of the individual’s image, and in terms of his immense reputation as an intellectual, artist and observer of cultural intersections around advertising, artistic expression, and celebrity culture.


The artist’s influence in society extends to the music and entertainment industry, as well. He was the noted manager and producer of the band The Velvet Underground, and he has been the focus of countless projects in film, journalism, and education.

  • Vincent Van Gogh

Photographs may not have been common during Van Gogh’s time, but that did not prevent the legendary painter from planting his own face in the annals of history forever. His self-portraits provide the picture of an artist who struggled for success in his time, only to achieve notoriety after his own life had ended. Some of Van Gogh’s most famous portraits display him in recovery after mutilating his own ear for reasons that remain unclear.


TheStarry Night creator famously struggled with mental health issues and committed suicide at the age of 37 due to depression and a life of poverty. Despite having endured such intense suffering, Van Gogh’s vibrant colors and advanced brushwork set a precedence for modern artwork and forever aligned the Dutch Post-impressionist with some of the biggest names in art history.


  • Banksy

This artist is unique in our series of Iconic Men from Now and Then, due to the fact that no one is exactly sure who the famous street artist is, or what he/she looks like.


Despite this fact, Banksy is about as recognizable as any artist living today… at least, Banksy’s art is. Carefully choosing locations to create stark, graffiti-style pieces which comment on issues including social, political, economic, and more, Banksy has become a household name among art enthusiasts, even though the artist seems to reject acknowledgement or applause in the traditional sense.


Rumors and theories abound about Banksy’s identity, including the idea that the artwork comes from a female senior citizen. And, even though there are certainly imitators out there, the work speaks for itself by having an iconic impact and sparking conversations that would not occur, otherwise.

What does this tell us about art, society, and male identification within either? Perhaps it tells us the same message that art regularly re-enforces: That people come in all kinds, and that icon status can be achieved through almost limitless means.

Not everything is art, but anything can be, if the right discipline and creativity is applied. We like to think that we apply this approach whenever we take on a new cut or shave at Crewners.

Just like each of these iconic men, you are unique, intelligent, and capable of leaving your mark on the world. But in order to do so and take on the challenges of life with confidence, you’ve got to feel good about the way you look and interact with the rest of the world.

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