No-Shave November: Survival Tips

No-Shave November: Survival Tips
Monday, October 17, 2016

Whether you’re participating in No-Shave November or Movember this year, there’s a good chance that you’ll be one of the millions of men around the world growing your facial hair this month, either for a good cause or simply because you want to seize the opportunity to have your shaving cream hibernate for 30 days.

Maybe you’re an experienced bearder, or maybe this is your first time trying to develop a wooly face. Either way, we recommend that you take into account these tips:

  • Know your face.

Styling and shaping your beard to fit your face is important.

A lot of men who put their razors away in November do so with very little experience in beard development. And while we wish to encourage you on your journey to feeling rugged and manly, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: Not all beards are created equally. You’re entitled to as much style as the next guy, but your desire for a particular look doesn’t mean it will work on you.

Some faces are round, some are square. Faces come in a variety of shapes, meaning that there are various styles that can work for various people. You wouldn’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole, would you? As your follicles flourish, make sure they form into something that works for your unique self.

  • Take care of your face.

Beard and skin maintenance are crucial going into winter.

The cold season can wreak havoc on your skin, and while it’s nice to have the extra layer of fur at times like these, a beard can also hide what’s going on underneath.

This should be obvious, but the first and most important technique for beard and skin maintenance is daily washing. Maybe you skip a shower now and then, but don’t let 24 hours go by without getting your beard wet and soapy.

Speaking of soap, this is the time of year to really step up your product game. Items like Baxter of California’s daily face wash, pomades, or clay masks are great for keeping your skin and hair fresh-looking and healthy.

  • Haircuts are allowed.

Growing a beard and letting it all go are two different things.

A good beard goes to waste when your hair is unkempt. Don’t let the light of that glorious moustache be dimmed by split ends and uneven growth. Ask your barber about haircuts that work best for the beard you’re hoping to grow, and if you’re really committed, have them touch up the blend between beard and hair every couple of weeks. You’ll be bearded and dapper by Thanksgiving.

  • Keep it dry.

If you’re new to The Art of the Beard, and you live in a cold area, watch out for beardsicles.

Even though they make great social media pictures, at least one strand of facial hair is lost to beard maiming every year.

Imagine it… you’re up on the mountain, having a great day on the slopes. You realize that you’ve got ice all through your beard, and you snap a couple of pictures for Instagram, thinking it looks cool. The next thing you know, a friend who thinks it’s funny reaches over and breaks off a piece of your beard! The hair, frozen, snaps like a pretzel stick. Don’t be someone who has to recover from this kind of loss. Keep your beard dry and warm, if not indoors.

  • Take care of THEIR face.

Not everybody gets excited about November like you do. Take your partner into consideration.

This is probably the most important survival tip of them all. You may be excited about having a fluffy new beard, but for the significant other in your life, it might be more like a sandpaper trap when you lean in for a kiss. Especially when a beard is in the early stages, it’s easy to underestimate that friction can result from contact with someone else’s epidermis.

Fellas, don’t test your partner’s patience. Be gentle with your beard.

Need help with any of this advice? Well, Crewners is open 7 days a week, which means you can book an appointment practically any time that works for you right here in our downtown location in San Jose. Come in for beard advice or a shave that’s quite simply a “cut” above the rest! And take care of those beards!

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