Pulling Panache from the Past

Pulling Panache from the Past
Monday, June 27, 2016

What is it about the past that we find so inviting? The allure of history leads us to become immeasurably invested in words like “vintage” and “retro,” but what practical meaning do these concepts have, really? It makes sense that we reserve a certain amount of reverie for our own personal nostalgia – such as tales from our childhood or individuals we looked up to in our youth – but why do we tend to think so fondly about time periods which we never lived in and are sometimes several generations removed from?

Maybe it just comes from a latent interest in time travel. After all, countless classic works of literature and film have dabbled in the idea that human beings might be able to witness the past, you might even say that we are obsessed with the idea. In real time, the world is constantly changing and hitting us with an ever-flowing barrage of new information and circumstances to adapt to, so it’s only logical that we would long for a time that, with the added 20/20 perspective of hindsight, seems so easy to understand now.

Of course, there is an organic quality that we perceive as being part of the past, as well. We refer to it every time we repeat the old adage, “they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.” As everything around us becomes more synthetic and less natural, more digital and less analogue, the idea that our surroundings were once wholly routed in sensory experiences becomes more and more romantic.

Yet, despite all of our fondness for that which has come and gone, you hear people undermine the past as well. In fact, sometimes when people analyze history, they can’t help but speak of it belittlingly, with apparent appall at the perceived savagery of our ancestors. “How could they live so simply?” people ask, even going so far as to say, “Can you imagine getting by in such a way?”

As if life is ever as simple in the moment as it appears in the rearview mirror.

We look into history and find ourselves baffled by the simplicity of it. Isn’t that ironic? But our bafflement is exactly what also romanticizes history for us. After all, romance is defined by mystery, and by the excitement that a lack of understanding can sometimes generate. Every nuanced complexity from the past may not be revealed to us, but in knowing that something has already occurred, we know that as a species and as a community of human beings, we have survived it and conquered it.

It is in this spirit that Crewners defines itself. We identify with our shared cultural experiences and past accomplishments, and we choose to celebrate them. There is limitless style, wisdom, and charm to be found by looking into history and discovering what still appeals. But we know that history holds more than that for us. Style is one thing, and of course we admire and appreciate style in all of its forms, but what the past holds for us is a little thing called panache.

It’s about more than vintage, and more than retro. When we look into the past, we see confidence and modest flamboyancy. We see a world where humility doesn’t contradict with good fashion sense or immutable style. We see this world, and we make it our mission to travel back in time for you, bringing with us when we return all the richness and all the panache of history’s style greats.

Come join us in our luxuriously nostalgic San Jose location to find out what we mean. Make a reservation online today to secure 30 minutes that will be yours to relax and be pampered by our professional, licensed barbers in our classic, leather barber chairs while relaxing to the sweet sounds of Sinatra and other legendary figures from American history.

Crewners is more than just a haircut or a shave. It’s a haircut or a shave… with panache.

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