Summer Style and Shaving Tips

Summer Style and Shaving Tips
Monday, May 30, 2016

Summertime. And the living is… easy.

But your beard itches. Tragically.

Life could be so sweet, so listless and free. Imagine that you’re about to dive into the ocean for your first summer day on the beach. You wouldn’t want the day ruined by an unkempt beard or haircut getting in the way, would you? No, you want to feel the sun on your skin and the salty foam of the waves as they splash against your face. You want to be a free man, basking in the summer heat with a look that grabs attention and keeps it!

First things first, gentleman: Get a trim. Whether you’re just due for your monthly haircut or you refuse to lose the beard, there’s a good chance that your summer cruising will fare better if you’re rocking a look that feels fresh compared to your winter and spring styles. What’s the point of welcoming a new season if you’re not going to update the way you present yourself? Don’t wait until the August heat is in full effect, fellas. Clean up that fade and sharpen your sideburns before the Fourth of July. Claim your independence from scruff!

Aside from a signature summer style, staying on top of your shaving practices can also help make the most of this season. Most men are a little more consistent with their shaving habits during the summer, so here are some suggestions to keep your face feeling fresh without any of the unsavory side effects:

  1. Take your time: Most nicks and cuts occur as a result of simply not taking enough time to get the job done right. Giving yourself ample time in the morning (or whenever you do your shaving) will save you a lot of little tiny bits of tissue paper and will keep you from looking like a summer slasher movie victim.

  2. Just do it, patchy: Even if you don’t exactly think of yourself as the “lumberjack” type, other people will notice your patches and peach fuzz when everyone around you is sharply dressed and cleanshaven. Maybe you don’t need to shave every single day, but set a consistent routine for yourself rather than letting parts of your face go wild.

  3. Pick good products: Using the right cream or aftershave can make all the difference in salvaging your skin when you clean up your beard. You want to avoid letting your skin get too dry or irritated, but it can be difficult to stay moisturized when there are so many inferior products out there that can add to irritation and dryness. Fortunately, Crewners offers the world’s highest quality Baxter of California products so you can avoid the snakeskin oil dealers and hucksters out there.

As you can see, taking basic care of your facial hair isn’t exactly rocket science. But the bottom line is that in today’s busy world, it can be hard to make time for all of life’s responsibilities, while also finding time for fun in the sun. That's why we're here to help! Remember that there’s no experience like getting a professional cut or shave from an expert barber, so if you really want to look good for summer, visit Crewners today.


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