Top 5 Reasons to Let a Barber Trim Your Beard

Top 5 Reasons to Let a Barber Trim Your Beard
Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whiskers getting a little wild? Don't worry, you can add a beard trim to any Crewners service. Thinking you can do it at home instead with those old clippers your dad gave you when you moved away for college? Now hold on a minute. Hear us out - there are lots of reasons to leave the trimming up to a skilled barber, and not your own shaky hand.

1 - Destroy any chance of bald spots.

And we're not talking bald spots from natural hair loss - more like bald spots from an overly eager swipe of the clippers. Yikes! Don't let this happen to you. Set the clippers down and book an appointment instead.

2 - Learn what the right beard shape is for your face.

It's easy to wear a beard at the wrong length and shape, especially if you're not sure what look you should be going for in the first place. Leave it to the expert stylists! Crewners barbers specialize in men's hair, especially facial hair. They're trained to give you expert consulting on the best look for you and your unique chin and cheeks (seriously, those things matter when it comes to the shape of your beard).

3 - Ensure a smooth transition from mutton chop to top.

Sideburns are a beautiful thing - but they can be beautifully hideous if they don't cruise gradually into your hair line and blend in harmoniously. Avoid trimming those burns too close, or accidentally shaving a bit of scalp hair off in the interim.

4 - Skip the hair in the sink hassle.

We've all been there - those beard hairs have to go somewhere, right? Wrong! The only place they should be going is on the floor of Crewners Barbershop, where you don't have to clean up a single strand. Let us do the heavy lifting, and skip the hassle. Trust us when we say you're significant other will love you for not leaving whiskers where they brush their teeth.

5 - Get inspired to try something new.

Perhaps you want a little more than a trim - how about a goatee? At Crewners, we're here to bring your vision to life. Whether you're wanting to take a few inches off, or try a new hairstyle altogether, we've got you covered! The best and safest way to try a new 'do' is to put your hair in trusted hands…barbers' hands!

Ready to book an appointment right now? We'll be happy to see you at the barbershop - come on down to San Pedro Square Market!

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