Why The Straight Razor is a Superior Shaving Tool

Why The Straight Razor is a Superior Shaving Tool
Thursday, March 24, 2016

At Crewners Barbershop, we believe our forefathers did it right. They viewed shaving as a trade – an art. Drugstore disposable razors? Never. Instead they would turn to a well-cared for straight razor to keep their faces clean-shaven just as we do in our shop today. Here’s why the straight razor is a superior shaving tool.

Smooth Skin

The biggest difference between a straight razor and a drugstore razor is the closeness of the shave; “Shaving with a straight razor results in an extremely close shave that results in a face which stays smoother longer.”

Less Irritation

Since a straight razor is sharper and covers more surface area than a standard razor, the number of times you need to move the blade over your skin is minimized. This leads to significantly less skin irritation. Simply put, the fewer the strokes, the less pain and bumps after you’ve shaved! And when you come to our barbershop, we always apply a hot towel and Baxter of CA after shave to further enhance your skin’s look and feel.

“The typical dude goes through 150 strokes during a shave and has 10,000 - 15,000 hair follicles that need to be nicked off. When you use one of those five-bladed, plastic, disposable numbers, you’re left needing more passes that'll tug, pull, and scrape your skin.” []

Less Waste

Disposable razors are not only lower quality in their ability, but they are also wasteful. Each time you swap out your Mach razor head for a new one, it heads straight to the garbage dump. By investing in a straight razor, you get a high quality tool that you can keep and reuse for many years to come.

It’s A Manly Experience

It’s true – there’s something about staring down a large razor that instantly ups the experience of a shave. Maybe it’s the potential danger, or the fact that it’s way sharper than the average razor. Or it could be that it’s a craft, and something that expert barbers spend years mastering. We think every man should experience coming into Crewners Barbershop, sitting back in the barber’s chair and letting a professional give you a straight razor shave. You can discuss the news of the day, let your worries fade away, and take part in a 5,000 year-old tradition of barbering. It’s to a rite of passage – it’s a guy’s thing.

Come on down to our barbershop in San Jose and experience it for yourself! We think you’ll be pleased enough with the results to toss out that drugstore razor for good and embrace the traditional, superior shaving tool – the straight razor.

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