Signature Cut: Consultation, precision haircut, style with product, straight razor neck shave, post shave Clubman cologne and talc. ($35)

Traditional Shave: A traditional straight razor shave. Consultation, hot towels, hot lather, post shave Clubman cologne and talc. ($40)

Shave + Cut: The works! A shave and a haircut. Not two bits but worth it. ($70)


(From left to right)

Alex Enriquez: Alex first got his haircut at Crewners 3 years ago, and the experience left a lasting impression on him. So much so that while he was working full-time at his former job with the government, Alex took evening classes at barber school and once he was done with training and hours, he became Crewners certified.

Burton Cohen: Burton's family is also in the hair business. He started cutting his friends and family's hair in seventh grade out of his garage. He went to cosmetology and barber school. On his spare time he enjoys playing all sports and spending time with his family and girlfriend.

Corey Santistevan: Corey started out in law enforcement in San Francisco, but changed direction when him and his wife decided to jump into the hair industry and he hasn't turned back. He is a native San Jose resident and brings with him years of experience, style and a great personality. He is Crewners certified and is ready for you to book with him!



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